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 Jiangsu GPRO International Business Co.,Ltd.

    Jiangsu GPRO International Business Co.,Ltd.(GPRO IBC),founded in October, 2004, is a comprehensive trading company with the whole shares held by and directly under GPRO Group. The GPRO IBC is an exclusive international business window granted by GPRO Group.

Major Business:

  ◆ Importation of petrochemicals that GPRO Group requires

  ◆ Exportation of all Products that GPRO Group manufactures

  ◆ Import and Export of equipment and technology

  ◆ Domestic Business

Major Products:

  ◆ Propylene, Polypropylene Radom (PPR)

  ◆ Propylene Oxide (PO), Propylene Glycol (PG)

  ◆ Ilmenite sand, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Ferrous Sulfate

  ◆ Polyether Polyol, Agro-emulsifier

  ◆ Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), cis-Polybutadiene Rubber (cis-BR), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and other Synthetic Rubbers

      GPRO IBC has been market-oriented and customer-centered since its inception, and developed various forms of business. Our sales network covers more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America.
      The total quantity of the import and export business of the GPRO IBC has been progressively increased year by year with its scale expanded sustainably, we will offer you more higher quality products with excellent services.
      We sincerely welcome your respected friends all over the world visiting us and let’s go ahead, hand in hand, to jointly create a brilliant future!

    Jiangsu GPRO International Business Co., Ltd.
    Add: No. 99 Matai Street, Gulou district, Nanjing, China.
    Zip Code: 210009
    Tel: 0086-25-83799761,83799960

Major Quality Index (exact or close to)


Content %



Acid TiO2













 Titanium Slag

TiO2: 77%-82%


Ambient Polymer Grade Propylene ≥99.5


purity > 99.3%


 Titanium Dioxide

 1.NA100 Anatase Titanium Dioxide (General-purpose)

    White powder,non-toxic,easy to disperse,with good chemical stability,tint reducing power and covering power.

 2.NR950 Rutile Titanium Dioxide (Mid-silica)

    White powder,surface treated with Al+Si,non-toxic,easy to disperse. It has high brightness and whiteness,good tint reducing power and covering power. It also possesses good weather resistance and aging resistance.

Polyether polyol

 1.Polyether polyol for coating, adhesive, sealant, elastomer, chemical grouting material

These products are composed of dihydric alcohol, triol and PO, EO
Features & Application
Be synthesized with new catalyst, with low unsaturation, narrow molecular weight distribution, high activity and high primary hydroxyl content.
Be widely used in microporous elastomer, sealant, adhesive, coating, etc..

 2.Polyether polyol for high resilience, semi-rigid PU foam plastics

These product are composed of triol and PO, EO
Features & Application
Be synthesized with new catalyst, with low unsaturation, narrow molecular weight distribution, high activity and high primary hydroxyl content.
Be widely used in high elastic resilient cold cure, microporous elastomer and semi-rigid PU foam.

 3.Polyether polyol for rigid PU foam

Polymer composed of initiator (EDA, sorbitol, sucrose, glucoside, mannitol, triethanolamine, glycerine) and PO.
Features & Application
The product is mainly used for producing PU foam, and widely used in refrigerator, refrigeratedcar, freezer, heat-insulating board, coating, disinfector cabinet, thermal pipes, construction areas etc. The made products have low thermal conductivity factor and excellent dimensional stability. It is also an important material for premixed polyol.

 4.Polyether polyol for flexible PU foam

Polymer composed of triol, PO & EO.
Be suitable for manufacturing flexible PU foam such as furniture pads, mattresses, sound-absorbing board, carpeting substrates, filters and packaging materials etc.
During foaming process, the amount of adjuvant is variable and adjustable in wide range, also featuring good stability.

 5.Polymer polyol

Graft and high graft copolymer of styrene, acrylonitrile and polyether polyols.
Features & Application
Be used for cold-cured, high resilience foam. It reinforce the compression strength of foam products, improve cell structure and increase the property of foam-cell. Formulation can be adjusted.

 6.Low unsaturated series

Products are composed of dihydric alcohol or triol and PO, EO
Features & Application
The product is mainly used for making various prepolymeric reactive type PU goods, such as, coat, coatings, adhesive, sealing cushion and paving, etc.. Also be used as thickener, emulsifier.

 7.Hydrophilic polyether

Features & Application
With strong hydrophilic effect . Be used in construction of cement concrete, showing good performance of preserving moisture and increasing strength.

 8.Slow recovery resilience polyether

Features & Application
The product is polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether polyol with polyfunctional group. It is colorless, odorless and transparent liquid. As one of main raw materials, it is applied in slow recovery resilience PU foam, obtaining preferable effect.

 Special chemicals

 1.Allyl Alcohol Polyether

This series products are the block and random copolymers made from allyl alcohol,EO and PO.
Features & Application
Allyl alcohol polyether are main materials for synthesizing polyether modified polysiloxane. Polyether modified polysiloxane is a new multi-functional fine chemical product. It has all the excellent performances of the traditional polysiloxane product and it can be used as PU foam homogenizing agent, textile auxiliary, oil field demulsifier, cosmetic auxiliary, coating leveling agent, detergent, defoaming agent and emulsifier, etc..

 2.Capping Polyether

Features & Application
The end active hydrogen is replaced by methyl so that the reaction between the hydroxyl and silicon hydrogen bond is dispelled when carrying on hydrosilylation.
The end products are widely used as PU foam stabilizer, emulsifier, individual protects, the coating leveling agent, textile hydrophilic antistatic softening finishing agent, water soluble lubricant, autoemulsifying defoaming agent, glass antifogging agent and sealing agent, etc..

 3. Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether(AEO)

As main agent and adjuvant, this series products can be used in the chemical in daily life such as detergent. Natural alcohol series products are suitable for making vanishing cream etc.. And synthetic alcohol series products are suitable for making detergent.

 4.Light Textile Auxiliary

Chemical Fiber Finishes Monomer ZSO Series


 Agrochemical adjuvants




 PP Powder

 Pesticide Emulsifier

 Fiber additives,oil refinery additives,and additives for oil products

 Ion-Exchange Membrane Caustic Soda

 Propylene Oxide